You’ll love it when your plan comes together.
Comprehensive dentistry requires a treatment plan. You shouldn’t expect any less from your marketing. At Legwork, every client is taken through our proprietary planning process to develop an effective timeline, budget and goal based on their specific needs. You can be sure you’ll have a road map that leads you to success.


Getting down to business.

The kick-off call sets the tone for the development of your strategy. We walk you through a 28-page comprehensive outline that allows us to gather the valuable data we need to learn the nuances of your practice philosophy, key services, amenities and culture to better build your strategy.


On-time. On budget. As promised.

Establishing a budget and goal is formulaic. While Legwork fees are fixed, you may need additional budget for tools and materials to meet your goal. Therefore, it is important to know ahead of time what your goal is to effectively budget for how you can achieve it. We use a simple formula based on national standards to define a budget within an acceptable range. Statistically, this has shown to be what is required to achieve a healthy return on your investment.

The theme of the month.

An editorial calendar involves setting a pre-defined theme for monthly campaign development. This theme is then carried across all of your marketing channels to improve consistency and frequency of your marketing message. It also helps your team to fully engage in the campaign themes to create buzz within your practice.

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