While SEO is a complex formula made up of many factors, Legwork ensures that we do our part to set your website up for success in the search rankings. With consumers making most of their buying decisions on the web, it’s a must that your site is giving Google and other search engines what they’re needing. Our designers and copywriters ensure that the right mix of keywords, content and structure are in place to make your site ranks as high as possible.


Building a dental website that causes new patients to choose your practice can be challenging. Today’s consumers are looking for content that is informative and inspiring. Simply writing the same boring copy as the guy down the street and adding some before and after photos isn’t going to get you very far. That’s why at Legwork we are dead serious about producing high quality, unique content for your website. We help your website shine by using custom photography, custom video, well-written copy and even custom blog services. In today’s battle for SEO, content is king. Make sure yours is Legwork quality.



Mobile usage is skyrocketing. Everyday mobile browsing takes a larger and larger share of the total internet usage by consumers. However, not all sites will display correctly on a mobile device. In fact, research shows that over 55% of all sites have yet to be mobile optimized. As well, mobile optimization plays a large role in how Google ranks websites in their search rankings. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile, now is the time. Legwork can help. All our sites are designed to display perfectly on mobile devices of any kind.  

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