INBOUND MARKETING - Thanks to the Internet, marketing has been massively overhauled in just a few short years. Consumers no longer respond to disruptive outbound marketing channels like radio, magazine and television to learn about new dental services: the web has empowered them. It’s given them alternative methods for locating, researching, evaluating and engaging with dental brands. The new marketing methodology, called inbound marketing, has become a two-way dialogue, frequently facilitated by social media and newer website and mobile applications.

“Today, only 14% of        
  consumers believe
  in the advertising
  they consume.”

Inbound dental marketing focuses on earning your target consumers trust, not disrupting or buying their attention. This is accomplished through compelling website, social media and direct-to-patient content that encourages sharing, dialogue and evaluating your practice values. This content needs to be interesting and informative without being overly clinical or technical. It must add value and credibility to your dental brand to create a positive connection with your audience. 

Ultimately the goal is the same as any marketing initiative - to get consumers to choose you and to remain loyal to your practice.


“84% of Millennials & Gen X'ers claim to
 click away from websites due to intrusive
 or irrelevant content.”

Legwork has mastered the art of inbound dental content development for dentistry. Our strategy involves straightforward techniques designed to engage today’s savvy dental consumers and to convert them into new patient opportunities.

Tested, Measured & Proven
Ultimately, marketing should provide practice growth. Otherwise, what is the point of your investing in it? However, it can be quite difficult to test, measure and benefit from a marketing program. Legwork is unique in this way. We utilize our past knowledge and experience to save you time from costly mistakes. Moreover, we utilize proprietary software that offers us deep insights into each campaign we implement to ensure you’re achieving a healthy return on your marketing investment.

Why It Matters
Consumers are flooded with over 5,000 brand messages a day. People of all ages searching for a dental home have more dental care choices than ever before. And they simply don’t have the patience for providers that cannot make an instant connection and quickly build trust and rapport. Legwork ensures that your practice develops a clear and compelling brand message from every aspect of your communication. We expertly help your team perfect their ability to nurture patient relationships, through cutting edge software and on-going marketing support.


Our Approach
Legwork has mastered the art of inbound dental content development for dentistry. Our strategy involves emotionally-driven, patient-focused communications designed to engage and convert today’s savvy dental consumers into raving fans of your practice.

Understanding ROI
R.O.I. (return on investment) is the ratio of your profit to your marketing costs. It’s typically the most important measurement for a marketing endeavor because it’s based on your specific goals and shows the real effect your marketing efforts have on your practice. Legwork will work with you to determine your desired profit goals, marketing investment requirements to achieve those goals, and finally, what projected timeline you can expect to reach the desired result.

The Long Term Value of Marketing
The money you invest today will have an uncertain financial impact at an uncertain point in the future. For example, optimizing your website today may not deliver tangible results until well into the future... but it's critical to your success. Legwork will ensure that you invest in the right marketing tools at the proper intervals to ensure your budget is maintained and your goals are met within the projected timeline.

The Importance of a Marketing Mix
It takes a lot to get a patient to leave their existing dental provider. In fact, marketing research says that at least 15 touches are needed to reach a consumer with your message enough for them to consider what you're offering them. Legwork knows from experience how to reach at the lowest possible budget for the highest possible frequency and the greatest return. We do this by developing a marketing mix through internal, online and community channels that are well-timed and designed to touch consumers consistently with a compelling message.