Overview of Features

·     Appointment Reminders
·      Two-Way Texting
·     Recall Reminders
·     Reactivation Letters
·     Google & Yelp Reviews
·     Auto Confirmations
·     Family Messaging
·     Special Messages

·     Real-Time Data
·     Reporting
·     Online Appointment Booking
·     Call Tracking and Recording
·     Web Statistics
·     Referral Rewards Module
·     Phone Number Validation
· Patient Experience Module

·     Drip Marketing Groups
·     Auto Calling
·     Local Number for Texting
·      Customizable Surveys
·     Practice Health Reports
·     Front Desk Task List

How are we different?

While other patient-communication software companies are becoming complacent, we're obsessed with developing the most complete solution on the market. However, complete does not mean complicated. In fact, just the opposite: Legwork Dental Marketing Software is built for simplicity and efficiency. It's elegant, easy to use and extremely powerful. Most importantly, during software development we drew on the perspective of practice coordinators and managers and their daily tasks.

How can Legwork PRM Software help you?

Save Time
We crafted our simple-to-use Legwork dashboard with you in mind. Intuitive tools and reports streamline your daily workflow and help you get back to your patients’ needs.

Better Support
Legwork assigns you a Software Support Specialist and a Marketing Executive dedicated to making sure you succeed with Legwork software and marketing services.

Improved Results
Ultimately, marketing is about results. The Legwork practice health reports, call tracking, and our live team support provide you with a solid return on your investment.

Lower Cost
Legwork's all-in-one platform allows you to shave costs by consolidating services. That's savings you can re-invest in your business, or better yet, put back in your pocket.

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