Marketing your dental practice is hard.  
Legwork makes it easy. We do it for you. 


Your trusted professional marketing services partner.

You’ve had patients come through your practice that walk away amazed: They didn’t realize such an exceptional dental experience was possible. You and your team's ability to create excellence could be transported anywhere. It’s what you do.  

As a dental marketing platform, Legwork offers the same surprise. We work with practices in major markets, including some of the biggest names in the profession. We offer a complete dental marketing solution, combining world-class software and highly skilled professional marketing services...all in a single, unified platform.  

Our proprietary program integrates with your practice management software, blending a host of communications services unmatched by our competitors. You’re then given access to your very own marketing success manager who will work with you and the Legwork team providing you with everything you need to create, implement, execute and maintain a successful marketing plan.


Overview of Services

·     Strategy Development, Budget & Goal Setting
·     Keyword Research and Implementation for Search Engine Optimization
·     6 Campaigns - each campaign is promoted for two months
·      Monthly Blog Posts - written around the campaign theme
·     Monthly Patient Email - encourages website visits and to educate patients on services
·     New Patient Referral Program - ask, remind and reward patients for referrals
·     Patient Experience Program - Create a more memorable, sharable first experience
·     Family Members Referral Incentive Program
·     Automated Reviews Program - Google & Yelp
·     On-Going Results Monitoring, Support & Coaching
·      Custom Marketing Groups with Legwork Software Integration & Drip Follow-Up

How can Marketing Services help you?

Save Money
Consolidating services saves big money! Our complete dental marketing platform is designed to pass savings onto you through consolidation of services. 

Save Time
Time is money. Your team is more valuable to your practice when they're working with patients. Legwork marketing services are here to do the Legwork! It's what we do.

Better Coaching & Support
Some elements of marketing require your participation to be successful. A marketing coach is assigned to each client to offer a full range of tools and support to help you succeed.

Big R.O.I.
What's the point of marketing if it doesn't provide value? Legwork marketing coaches will provide on-going marketing health monitors to help you achieve your desired goals. 

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