According to research, you’ve got roughly 15 seconds to capture the attention of a website visitor. Is your site up to that challenge? Consumers want sites to load quickly, stimulate their senses, and give them the information they’re looking for in a way that inspires them to take the next step. 

At Legwork, we combine all the elements of design to create an experience that prospective patients want. Every site we build is designed to maximize conversions and create an experience that sets you apart. 


Everyone knows a site needs optimization for SEO. Amazingly though, many sites built today don’t get even the basic SEO tuning that they should. But with Google as the primary source of buying decisions, it’s more than critical that your website is built to give Google what it requires. At Legwork, our designers understand what today’s search engines want. All our sites are created with an SEO-centric mindset. 


Sites can be built for speed, mobile optimized and tuned for SEO…but if the design is lacking, then chances are you won’t convert visitors to new patients. Your website should reflect your brand and convey what makes you different. At Legwork, every website we build starts with a thorough interview process to help us understand what makes you better than your competition. We translate that insight to create stunning, interactive pages that inspire visitors to take the next step.


Websites, like anything else in life, need a little updating from time to time. If your website is looking a little…shall we say…dated, then it might be time for a redesign. Your website is most likely the first thing most patients will see. Legwork can make sure that prospective patients are inspired to take the next step and ultimately schedule and appointment. Let Legwork show you why bringing your site into the Legwork platform is a step in the right direction. 


Ready to make the switch to a new design or hosting company but don’t know where to start? Admittedly, the process can be daunting. Navigating the freeways of the internet aren’t always easy. But with Legwork, it’s easy. We can “skin” your site quickly and transfer your existing design directly into our CMS system without you lifting a finger. If you’re looking for better hosting and a higher level of service don’t hesitate to let Legwork... do the legwork.


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